Rosebud (rsybrant) wrote,

Singin' in the Rain

It's raining this morning. I got soaked on my way in even though I was using an umbrella. I have two in my back hall at home. One is mine and the other belongs to Charles. I've not returned it. Charles' umbrella is not as big as mine but I had to use it since it appeared there could be spiders crawling around it. I don't like spiders, especially when they fly at me as I pop open something like an umbrella.

My ridiculous fear of spiders is why I'm sitting here with a damp left shoulder and a wet hind end.

Rain makes me think of Cary Grant (that's right, isn't it) in that wonderful musical. His yellow slicker, black umbrella, dancing around singin', yes singin' in the rain...

I interviewed for a new position here at work yesterday. It would be a considerable advancement for me if I was offered the position. I'm crossing my fingers. I'm working on a thank you note to the gentleman who interviewed me.

Basically I want to say, "Thanks for interviewing me. I kick ass. If you're not sure, talk to my current leader. He thinks I kick ass. I would kick ass in the position you're trying to fill now. I hope you realize this soon. If I got the job Johnny and I could finally put the hot tub in the back yard an have it filled with gazpacho for the summer."

This is essentially what I want to say, but I should use different words. I was talking to my father yesterday. He's never worked in the business world. He's been a carpenter since, since forever. He's worked for different people, but he's always "built stuff," or "remodeled stuff." Julie, his wife, my step-mother, works for a large local corporation too. He's learning about the corporate world.

Last night I was telling him about the different language used, the different culture in the business world. He asked me if I felt like a sell-out. He didn't say it in so many words, and he didn't mean it in a bad way. That would have definitely been humorous though.

Dad: Daughter of mine, at which point in your life did you realize you had "sold out?"

Rose: Well Father, I took up sucking the corporate teat a few years back when I took...

You see how that conversation would have gone.

What I have against me is what could be perceived as a lack of experience. I tried to relay my willingness to learn, my determination, my resourcefulness, etc., so the interviewer might consider me for the position. I have great hopes but do acknowledge the likelihood of not being offered the position. I'll be disappointed but I'm trying to remind myself that the important thing is that I tried. I put myself out there and that's the only way to move on.

I won't know for a good two weeks whether or not I got the position. I'll let you know.


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