Rosebud (rsybrant) wrote,

The Monthly Update

I've purchased my ticket. I'll be leaving for Casablanca, Morocco in about 17 days. Milo will meet me there, we'll travel around Morocco for about nine days then cross the Strait of Gibraltar on July 19th. We'll then spend some time in Spain and I return on July 29th.

My passport has been located and is in good order. Milo has given me a list of items to bring him (wife beaters, his "man purse," a novel in Spanish, and a few other odds and ends) and has asked me to bring an empty bag so I can haul some of his stuff back with me. That doesn't fill me with joy, but dutiful sister will comply. After I leave Spain Milo will stay there another 10 days or so then he'll fly to San Francisco to spend time with our mother. He'll return to Minneapolis on August 18th.

I've never been to Morocco. I've never been anywhere in Africa. This trip has come up suddenly and has caused me to not be able to go to the Winnipeg Folk Festival. Luckily I was able to unload the ticket. That allowed me some cash to buy some clothes for the trip. I'm more concerned about my wardrobe in Morocco. It's a Muslim country and the guidebooks recommend that women wear long skirts and long sleeved shirts. The average temperature that time of year is in the upper 80's. Boy, am I looking forward to that! I was able to find a long light cotton skirt and some light rayon shirts while shopping yesterday. I wore the skirt over to Dildo's last night to test it out. It was hot last night and very humid. The skirt wasn't bad - as long as I had it hiked up above my knees. It probably won't be fitting to do that in Morocco.

I'll survive, I know. Whenever I have time and stumble across an internet cafe I will update my journal. I might even get another entry in before I leave. Stranger things have happened.
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