Rosebud (rsybrant) wrote,

I like nectarines

Today I built a form letter. It would make my dad proud. Actually he would probably be indifferent. He's generally confounded by the business world.

I feel accomplished since when I started this job I didn't even know anything about excel and now I am much more proficient. The letter I created will help my team move mutual funds. We have to send information to the fund companies instructing them what to move where. Previously we were inserting information in a word document, cutting, pasting, deleting extra spaces, adjusting alignments, etc. Now that I've created the same document on excel, protecting the spots that don't need data, one just has to tab through the form, entering what they want.

I know, dear, it's not very exciting.

My roommate's hot brother is in town. I live with the more attractive sibling, I have to say, but it's amazing what good looking genes this family has to work with.

We're going up to Potsticker's cabin this weekend. There'll be ten of us up there. I'm riding up with Johnny, then back down, a day before the others, with Tom. We have to work on Monday while the rest won't return until Monday evening.

My brother returns to Minneapolis on Sunday. I think Tom and I will be back in time so that I can go meet him at the airport. I know Dad and Julie will also be there to pick him up, but I'd like to go along for the ride. He's been gone for so long it's amazing to think he'll be back again. I hope he stays for awhile. Even a year would be nice. Several years would be nicer.

I don't like it when people I love aren't here all the time. That sounds ridiculous. I can't have all of them around me constantly. I know this. I just wish the more important ones would stay put.

It's all a part of life.

Jodi, Nicole, and I watched fireballs shoot across the sky the other night. The Perseid meteor shower peaked last night. That was a weeknight, so we went out early and spent an hour and a half at the side of the road outside Afton State Park wishing for sex at the sight of every one of the shooting stars. It was a lot of fun. Laying on the grass in the middle of the night watching the sky is the perfect medium for honest girl-talk, if you ask me. The whole wishing for sex was just a joke among the three of us. I know I wished for a few other things, and some of the streaking meteors were just to dazzling to remember to make any wishes.

I'm leaving work now. I may try to go to the gym later.


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