Rosebud (rsybrant) wrote,

Lost Love and Breakdancing

Have you seen the Dirty Vegas video for "Days Go By?" I really like it. It effectively delivers the story of the lonely broken-hearted breakdancing man. I've seen it only a couple times while at the gym but it really touches me. The video's not over the top in any sense, it's subtle, clear, direct, simple. I like the song too. I guess the album was just released yesterday and the Electric Fetus is having a sale so I might have to make a trip there after work.

I've been keeping a running list of albums I might like to purchase. I haven't spent much money on CDs in the last several months so I won't feel guilty about a little spree.

Johnny and Robert are leaving for LA tomorrow. I have to drop them off at the airport. They'll be back on Tuesday but will leave again for Potsticker's (not his real name, of course) cabin two days later and once again they'll be gone for about five days. I'm not pleased about that. I'm going to send them an email.

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