Rosebud (rsybrant) wrote,

Waiting for a phone call

I'm leaving one week from tomorrow. I had a dream last night - nothing but the standard anxiety dream - that a number of things went wrong in relation to my upcoming vacation. I'm not very worried about any of it. It will all go well.

My stepbrother's wedding is this weekend. Todd will be my date. I don't know what I'll wear. I think I'll wear the long skirt I bought for the trip and the beige sleeveless sweater I bought for the interview I had a few weeks ago. That'll be nice and conservative. I'll wear the pearls too and will shave my armpits.

I'm hoping to do some research before the wedding. Todd says he's all for it too. That's why I'm waiting on a phone call. You know who you are, call me back. I need a book for two, that's it. Just a little bit of reading material to get my mind working nicely to get through the wedding.

I'm going home. I'm tired of being at work.
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