Rosebud (rsybrant) wrote,

When in Amsterdam...

I'm in Amsterdam. I've been here for 11 hours. I haven't slept in about 27 hours. I couldn't sleep on the plane and I haven't been able to sleep here in the airport. I feel kind of sluggish and zombie-like. I haven't taken a look at myself in the mirror since this morning. I'm sure I look lovely.

My plane arrived this morning at 6:30, I went through customs and took a train into the central station and arrived there at 8:00 am. I wandered around town until about 10:30 and then ventured into a coffeeshop called the Jolly Joker. I smoked hash for the first time. It was a very mellow high. I stumbled around town until about 1:00 and then thought I'd go back to the airport. I thought I could sleep somewhere here because I'd remembered seeing a lot of comfortable looking reclining chairs set out for weary travellers. I staked my claim on one of them but never was really able to sleep. Oh well. Now I'm stuck here for the next four hours. Not that staying in the city for longer would have done me much good. With the fatigue and the hashish I probably would have collapsed somewhere.

I would love to come back to Amsterdam someday to stay longer, maybe a few days. It's an old city and seems to have a lot to offer.

Time is running short. At least I was able to burn up another 30 minutes.

I'll write again after having slept at least one stretch of eight hours.


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