Rosebud (rsybrant) wrote,

Ode to all those who have slept in airports, train stations, bus stations, and all of the above

Today my brother begins his long trek home. He may be on a bus from Logrono (remember the tilda on the "n" and pronounce it lo-groan'-yo) to Madrid. There is not night bus or train from Logrono or Madrid and his flight leaves for Frankfurt at 9:50 am so he will have to spend the night in the airport. The flight isn't long and he has only a short layover Frankfurt, it's just over an hour so he'll probably directly board the second flight. I hope he doesn't run into any timing difficulties. His flight to San Francisco is very long - about thirteen hours, I think. It will be so great to first have him back in the country. I'll be able to call him anytime from my cellphone. He'll be back in Minneapolis in 10 days.

Milo and I spent the night in the Casablanca airport, I might have mentioned that. We spent more than a few hours in miscellaneous train stations and maybe a cumulative couple of hours in bus stations on our long trip.

It's not fun, time passes slowly, but generally you have a trip you're looking forward to ahead of you.

Milo will be home soon. I'm so very happy about that. We bickered a lot on the trip, at least a couple times a day. For all that, he's one of the most important people in the world to me, maybe even the most important. Yeah, he's my favorite.

Good luck Milo. Don't miss your connecting flight in Frankfurt. It'll be close.


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