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Me and the Sexual Heathens

I'm leaving work early today. Maybe as soon as I finish this post.

School starts on Wednesday. I've got to weeknight classes for a change; up until now they've all been on the weekend during the day. I never did well at the University with the night classes, now things will be different - the older and wiser things working in my favor.

I haven't been as good about going to the gym these last couple of weeks. Sure, I've been squeezing in three visits (but this week only two!), but I'd really like to get it up to a consistent 4 times per week. I've been walking a lot out of not going to the gym guilt. That's something.

Did I ever mention to you that my boys don't tell me about their shenanegans? That's what my roommate would call it. Tom and I were discussing the fact that certain information is withheld from me - specifically details of the boys' sexual encounters.

Tom said to me something like, "does it surprise you to find out your friends are a bunch of sexual heathens?"

No, it doesn't really surprise me because even though I'm not told outright I get a sense of what's going on that I'm not told. It's been this way for a long time. I asked Tom why it is this way. He thinks that it's either because I'm a girl, or that they just want to shelter me from knowledge of their sexual heathenism. Is that a word?

How should I feel? Should I demand that they tell me everything? I know that's pushing it. But consider the fact that my group of friends is pretty tight-knit. We all share basically the same core group, with each having a few friends here and there that are not part of the core (that's Nicole, Jodi, Tara, Becky, Jocey, Douglas, etc., for me). If Robert, for instance, is sharing stories with other "core members" shouldn't he also share it with me? I shouldn't feel left out if it's just now and then, but this is different, this is almost a systematic, "don't tell Rose we're sexual heathens" kind of thing.

Or don't I want to know? I already said that even if they don't tell me outright, in one way or another I generally develop an understanding of what's going on. If I'm not told the info directly then I can pretend it doesn't concern me and that it's none of my business, maybe even that it's just a rumor and therefore probably not true.

Opening up a can of worms or what?

I almost think the status quo is what I want to stick with. Should I tell them at least that they're not really pulling the wool over any eyes and that I'm fully aware of their status as a bunch of sexual heathens?

Enough! I'm leaving!


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