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I thought I was better about updating this

I didn't realize it had been so long since the last time I updated this thing. And what a pathetic last update - I taste like bread.

I actually don't really taste like anything. I just licked the back of my wrist to check. Nope, nothing.

I've been cheating on my livejournal by writing in a real paper journal. I've been much more faithful to that one - if for no other reason than it's a class requirement.

I've rediscovered that my relationship with my mother is a disaster. Johnny tells me to talk to her. I don't want to.

I may be moving into a rented house with Johnny (current roommate) and Jim (potential future roommate). I've known Jim only for a few weeks but I can tell he's a great guy. It's fun to know someone new - one that you know you'll have a lot of good times with. It only happens now and then. While I've continued to meet people like any normal person, I'd say it's been several months since I've meet anyone who has completed the full application and interview process of joining my team of friends.

Jim has good references and interviewed well.

We went to see a movie over the weekend. He tripped up the stairs on the way in and spilled his popcorn. If he hadn't laughed at himself, you're right, it wouldn't have been so funny. No one was hurt. The 16 year old goth punk kid who had to sweep it up seemed a little annoyed.

I should know in a few days, hopefully, if this whole moving thing will work out. It's about time Johnny and I move into a larger space. I had a minibreakdown on Sunday as a result of complications arising from the lack of personal space we have in the treehouse.

All better now.


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